Overview: Clients, Cases (Projects), and Custodians

The Client Management TreeView lists all of the Clients and their associated Cases (Projects). Cases (Projects) contain related Custodians and jobs, which process data into eCapture for a given custodian.

The eCapture hierarchy is as follows.

Clients are at the top of the hierarchy.

Each Client has Cases (Projects).

Each Client also has Export Jobs. Under Export Jobs, you create Data Extract Export Jobs and Data Extract Export Series. Under Export Jobs, you also create Processing Export Jobs and Processing Export Series.

Each Case (Project) has Custodians.

Each Custodian has Jobs (Streaming Discovery, Discovery, Data Extract, Processing Jobs). Streaming Discovery jobs combine a traditional Discovery Job with a Data Extract Job.


For more information about Clients, Cases (Projects), and Custodians, see:

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Overview: Cases (Projects) and Custodians


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