Overview: Managing Clients and Clients

Managing Clients and Clients provide a basis for case organization in the Enterprise Processing module and the relationship between cases and reviewers (groups and users) in the Enterprise Review module.

Note: Clients may be created from the Limited Controller via the File menu, right clicking in a vacant area in the Client Management tab, and right-clicking on an existing Client from the Client Management tab.

The eCapture hierarchy is as follows.

Clients are at the top of the hierarchy.

Each Client has Cases (Projects).

Each Case (Project) has Custodians.

Each Custodian has Jobs (Streaming Discovery, Discovery, Data Extract, Processing Jobs). Streaming Discovery jobs combine a traditional Discovery Job with a Data Extract Job.


When creating a new managing client or client, the dialog presents an Enterprise Details section. This section allows for the creation of the managing client and the client. Either of these may be created from within eCapture using information sourced from Ipro (Cloud) Services (via a drop-down menu) or a fresh managing client or client may be created directly in eCapture using the button. The newly created managing client or client, from within eCapture, is created automatically in Ipro (Cloud) Services for use across the Enterprise platform.


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