Workflow: Update TrialDirector 360

Applies To: Existing installations of TrialDirector 360, when you are updating TrialDirector 360 from any previous version of TrialDirector 360 to 2019.3.0, see Workflow: Update TrialDirector 360. If this is the first time you are installing TrialDirector 360, see Workflow: Install TrialDirector 360 .

In this article

1. Log in to the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal

2. Download the TrialDirector 360 Client

3. Install TrialDirector 360 Client


This topic contains high-level procedures to help you log in to the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal , download the TrialDirector 360 client, and install the TrialDirector 360 client.

The following illustration shows the basic process outline. The numbers correspond to the procedures later in this topic.

1. Log in to the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal

As an existing TrialDirector 360, you will be sent an email indicating that an update to TrialDirector 360 is available on the Web Portal.

  1. Click on the link in the email to access the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal, or visit
  2. Log in to the Web Portal using your credentials.

    It is assumed that you have already activated your TrialDirector 360 account. If you have not done so, click Closedhere to view instructions for activating your account.

    To activate your TrialDirector 360 account:

    1. Log in to the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal.


    2. The first time you log in to the Web Portal, the system will prompt you to read and sign the End User License Agreement. The End User License Agreement (EULA) wizard displays.

    3. Read the EULA and, when finished, click the Accept button.

    4. Update the password for your account and click Next.

    5. The final page of the wizard, confirms that your acceptance of the EULA has been recorded. Click the Finish button.

2. Download the TrialDirector 360 Client

To download the TrialDirector 360 2019.3.0 client, follow the steps below:

Note: These steps assume that you have activated your Ipro account, per the instructions above.

  1. Log in to the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal. The My Account page displays.

  2. Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled, click the Download Clients button.

    The TrialDirector 360 install package downloads to your local machine.

    Note: If the installation package does not automatically download, check your browser settings again. Make sure you have properly turned off the pop up blocker for the TrialDirector 360 Web Portal URL.

Proceed to the next step, installing the TrialDirector 360 client.

3. Install TrialDirector 360 Client

Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

  • OS - Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit

  • CPU - Quad-Core Processor

  • System RA - 8 GB

  • Disk space - 256 GB

  • Graphics card - 1 GB dedicated memory

You cannot install TrialDirector 360 on a Oracle VM VirtualBox.


To install the TrialDirector 360client:

  1. After the TrialDirector 360 installation package is finished downloading, locate the TrialDirector 360 installation package and double click on the file.

    The TrialDirector 360 Installation wizard displays.

  2. Click Next to continue.

    The Select Installation Folder page of the wizard displays. The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Ipro Tech\Desktop\. We recommend that you install TrialDirector 360 to the default installation location. TrialDirector 360 must be installed to a local (fixed disk) path. It cannot be installed to a network location.

    Note: If you want to install to a different local path, click the Browse button to browse to the folder where you want TrialDirector 360 installed or enter a valid path in the Folder field.

  3. Click Next to continue. The Network Data Store Path Configuration page of the wizard displays.

    • Since you have a prior version of TrialDirector 360 installed, the Network Data Store field is pre-populated with the location of your existing Network Datastore. This location is used for Data Sync enabled cases which are shared with other subscription users on your local network. The path shown in the Network Datastore field cannot be changed. Click Next.
  4. The Ready to Install page of the wizard displays. Click Install.

    The installation process begins. TrialDirector 360 is installed in the location indicated on the Select Installation Folder page of the wizard.

    For Updates:

    • During the update process, the existing TrialDirector 360 application files are automatically removed. It is not necessary to remove any existing TrialDirector 360 deployments prior to updating.

    • Any existing TrialDirector 360 cases are automatically preserved and will be accessible once the update process is complete.

    • It will take several minutes to complete the update process.

  5. When the update and deployment process is complete, the final page of the wizard displays. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

    You can launch the application two different ways:

    • By double-clicking on the TrialDirector 360 desktop shortcut

    • By selecting the TrialDirector 360 by Ipro Start menu program shortcut.

    When you launch TrialDirector 360 you will automatically be logged in using the user credentials you used on the previous version of TrialDirector 360.


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