Validate Completed Processing Jobs

Note: Because some errors may occur from hardware, network, or network attached storage (NAS) failures as well as non-hardware related issues, we highly recommend that every completed Processing Job be validated.

Two scans are performed through all Results records in the Processing Job:

  • The initial scan finds and takes care of Results items. The record kept is the first record in which the Pages value matches the number of images on disk for the document. If no record has a matching Pages value, then the first is kept; all other Results records have Pages set to 0 so that they will not be exported.
  • The second scan goes through all Results records (where Pages > 0) and verifies that the Pages value in the database matches the number of images for the document on disk. If the number of images on disk is different, Pages is updated to reflect the actual count.

Validation reports can be saved for record keeping and post processing.

  1. In the Client Management Tree View, right-click a completed Processing Job.

  2. In the context menu, select Validate Processing Job. The Processing Job Validation dialog box appears. If any errors are encountered, they are shown in the Description column at the end of the path.

  3. Click . The Save Validation Report dialog box appears.

  4. Accept or change the file name. The default extension is .CSV.

  5. Click Save.


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