Modify User Details

User profiles can be modified from the user menu. Administrators should inform users of the changes they should make, such as changing their own password.


Complete the following steps to change the details for an existing ADDAutomated Digital Discovery user:

  1. Identify the user whose details should be changed and needed changes.
  2. Choose System from the ADD main menu.
  3. In the left pane of the System page, click Users.
  4. In the Users list, locate the user to be modified.
  5. Note: You can search for all or part of the user’s first name, last name, user name, or email address. See Use the ADD Interface for tips on searching and working in long lists.

  6. Click View/Edit for the user to be changed.
  7. Make needed changes except for email address; if it needs to be changed, create a new user and delete the existing user.
  8. See the note at the beginning of this procedure for information about users created in ADD Review, and step 6 of the Create New User procedure for details on user access options.

    Note: If a user name (email address) needs to be changed, you must delete the existing user and add them as a new user with the new email address.

  9. Click Save.
  10. Repeat these steps for all users needing to be edited.
  11. Inform users of changes and explain their new responsibilities.