Create New User

Complete the following steps to create new users:

  1. Identify needed users and gather/identify basic information (names, email addresses, passwords):
  2. Choose System from the ADDAutomated Digital Discovery main menu.
  3. In the left pane of the System page, click Users.
  4. Click Add New User at the top of the page.
  5. Enter all user details in the Add New User pane (the red asterisk, *, indicates required entries).
  6. Select a Managing ClientManaging clients provide the basis of the relationship between cases and reviewers (groups and users). This can be thought of as a one-to-one relationship. For example, the law firm is called Attorney Group Limited, PLLC, and it would have multiple managing clients (Globex, Consolidated Industries, etc.). These managing clients will then have their own clients and cases. For Service Providers, who host their own multiple customers, all clients may be associated with a single managing client. For example, the managing client is called Service Providers, Inc., and it may have one or more clients that are associated with it. These managing clients will then have their own clients and cases. from the drop-down list. By default, this will be blank for a newly created user. The user must be assigned to a managing client for Review. When ADD is upgraded, those users who do not have an associated managing client will automatically be assigned a “Blank” managing client. However, it will be necessary to subsequently assign a managing client.
  7. The Active option is selected by default. Otherwise, clear the option. If Active is cleared, the user cannot log in to ADD products. If the user is part of a group that has Self-ServiceA component of the ADD Streaming workflow, provides a simple and easy-to-use solution to upload your own data for processing and review. and/or Media ManagerA component of the ADD workflow provides a solution for efficient, secure media management. Access, the System user setting overrides access to ADD and its components.

  8. The Enable User for Review option is cleared by default. Select this option to give the user access to ADD Review and Eclipse Web. The user must also have permissions to access cases in ADD Review and Eclipse Web.
  9. When details are completed, click Save.
  10. Repeat this procedure for all ADD users.[2]
  11. Inform users of the ADD URL, their login credentials, and their responsibilities. Refer to Media Manager for user and administration procedures.

[2]These users become available for assignment in Eclipse. Eclipse administrators will need to complete the user definition in Eclipse.