Define Media Attachment File Path

When a medium is being defined in Media ManagerA component of the ADD workflow provides a solution for efficient, secure media management., in addition to specifying basic media details, users can attach image and other files to help with the identification and/or tracking of the medium. For example:

MediaThe medium (hard drive, DVD, network share, etc.) associated with the delivery. attachments are uploaded to an ADDAutomated Digital Discovery location specified in ADD Settings as follows:

  1. Choose System from the ADD main menu.
  2. In the left pane of the System page, click ADD Settings.
  3. In the Attachment Path field (under Configurations), enter the full UNCThe Universal Naming Convention (UNC) is a way to identify a shared file in a computer without having to specify (or know) the storage device it is on. path of the folder in which media image and attachment files should be uploaded and stored. For example, \\server001\Ipro Add\Attachments.
  4. Click the corresponding Save button.