Define Barcodes

If your organization uses standard code 128 numeric or alphanumeric barcodes for media identification (IDIn the eCapture Controller, a number assigned (through the SQL database) to every Project, Discovery Job, or Processing Job.), the barcode format can be defined and will be used in the media definition process. Otherwise, sequential numbering beginning with 001 is used.

To define a specific barcode format for your organization:

  1. Choose System from the ADDAutomated Digital Discovery main menu.
  2. In the left pane of the System page, click ADD Settings.
  3. Enter a BarcodeAn optical, machine-readable, representation of data. Media is barcoded for identification, storage and tracking. Label Prefix and Label ID Padding Length matching your organization’s guidelines, as shown in the following example.
  4. Click Save.


  • The total number of characters for prefix+number is 128.

  • A prefix is optional; when used, it is typically comprised of numbers and/or letters; it may also include other ASCII characters (for example, periods or dashes).

  • The padding length defines the total length of the barcode number following the prefix. For example, a padding value of 5 will result in numbering 00001, 00002, and so on, through 99999.

  • Changes to the barcode format after any media have been defined are not retroactive. Thus if you define a new format after some media are defined, you will have different ID formats. The sequential numbering does not change, however.