Web Viewer

The Web Viewer allows for viewing native files such as emails, spreadsheets, and/or word processing documents. You can view them within the Web Viewer or you can view them with the native application if it is previously installed and configured on the machine. Prompts appear if the:

Toolbar Actions

Web Viewer Toolbar

To download and open the document in the native application previously installed on the workstation, click the native application's icon. For example, represents on Outlook email.


displays the current page and total number of pages in the document. To move to a specific page in the document, enter the page number in the box.


Use the zoom slider to increase or decrease the document size. Position the mouse pointer over the slider to view the current percentage size. The mouse scroll wheel can also be used to adjust the document size.


Click to fit image to the width or height of the view window. Also resets the zoom percentage back to the default settings for the width or the height.


Enter a search term . All instances of the search term are highlighted in yellow throughout the document. Click the Search arrows < >to move backwards or forwards to locate each highlighted term in the document. Clear the search box to remove the highlighted terms in the document.


Click to display the Ipro ADDAutomated Digital Discovery pre-defined, persistent highlighted groups menu.

For example the previous figure shows three persistent highlighted group terms. For each group term, the administrator added related key words. For example, related key words for financial may include: returns, deficits, profits, losses, etc. If any of these key words appear in the document, they will be highlighted with the same background color and text color as shown in the menu. The number in the parenthesis next to the group term indicates the number of times any of the key words associated with that group term appear in the document. To view the related key words in the form of a tool tip, hover over the desired persistent highlighted group term with the mouse pointer. By default all persistent highlighting group terms are selected in the menu. Clear the persistent highlighted group term check box to clear the related key words from the document.

Click the Highlights arrows < > to move backwards or forwards to locate each highlighted key word in the document. See Persistent Highlighting for additional information. Note: The item [Search Terms] (n) only appears in the persistent highlighted group terms menu if an/a Advanced/Visual Search was conducted and contained a Text search. The entire search phrase is highlighted and considered one search hit.

If an image does not already exist for the document, click to generate the image. When clicked, a prompt appears indicating that the image is being generated and no longer appears in the toolbar. The image appears under the Image tab. This setting will not affect or modify dates associated with the displayed values. Thus, the values in the native files may differ from those in the Web Viewer tab (or “image on the fly” images).


Click to display the Print window. Select the desired print options.