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The ECA & Review component of the Automated Digital DiscoveryProcess used to determine file type(s) to later be processed. The process of making data known to the eCapture system and assigning an index value to this data.® platform allows users to review, analyze, and annotate case documents with efficient, easy-to-use tools.

Based on the permissions set by the case administrator, ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review users can:

For more information on case set-up and other tasks typically done by a Case Administrator, see the Ipro ADD Case Administration home page


Before you Begin

Before working in Ipro ADD, the product installation must be completed and your Ipro ADD system or case administrator must define you as an Ipro ADD user. In addition:

Tip: Both name and password are case sensitive—make sure you obtain the correct capitalization. User names and passwords are assigned by the Ipro ADD system administrator(s). Keep your credentials in a safe place. If you forget your log-in credentials, contact your Ipro ADD administrator.

Administrative Access

Users belonging to the Super Admin group can open all cases in Ipro ADD. They can also open (and will be assigned) unassigned batches in any case, or open other users’ batches.

Users who are not in the SuperAdmin group but have been given case management permissions can open all cases to which they have been assigned. In addition, they can open (and will be assigned) unassigned batches in their cases, or open other user’s batches.

Working Sessions

Once you start Ipro ADD, your working session will remain active as long as you work in the application.

If there is a pause in your activity, the session may time out; a message will alert you that the session is idle. If this happens, click OK in response to the message and log in again.