Select Image Options

Note: This section does not apply if you selected Reference Existing Location for images in the Output Locations area.

ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review Case Administration allows you to include or exclude redactions and provides a variety of options regarding the information that can be included/added to each image file’s header and/or footer. For example, this figure shows a page with the confidentiality tag added to the header and the image key added to the footer.

Most endorsement options apply to both TIFF and PDF; those that are unique to one type or the other will be unavailable (dimmed).

To select image options:

  1. In the export-set form, click Image Options if this area of the form is not visible.

  2. Complete the Redaction Options section as described in the following table.

  3. ClosedRedaction Information



    Burn Redactions

    Select this option to include redactions in exported images.

    When a user selects this option (and selects at least one redaction type to burn), selected redactions will be burned on the exported images. If text files are included in the output, the redacted text will not appear in the text files, nor in a .DAT file (if selected) and user chooses to include [Production Text] in the file.

    Redaction Options

    Select the way in which redactions will appear—basic black and white options are available, or you can select As is color to maintain the redaction colors as defined for the case.

    Selected Redactions

    This field will list the redactions chosen with the Select Redactions button.

    Select Redactions

    Click this button to select the redactions to be included in produced images.

  4. Complete the Endorsement Setting section. For each endorsement to be included, make the selections listed in the following table.

  5. ClosedEndorsement Settings



    Endorsement Type

    Select the type of information to be used for the endorsement:

    Note: If document numbering is set to Use image priority and both original and production images are selected, production images selected for the export job may have two endorsements. This would happen if endorsements exist from the original production—they would be in addition to the image key endorsement for the current export job.

    • Bar Code: A bar-code version of the document number.

    • Tag group: A selected tag group (tags from the selected group that have been applied).

    • Custom text: A message that you define.

    The following endorsement types require additional selections; make needed choices depending on the type you selected:

    • Field: Select the field to be used for the endorsement.

    • Tag Group: Select the tag group to be used for the endorsement.

    • Tag Type: Select whether document or page tags (or both) should be used.

    Apply To

    Select the pages to which the endorsement will be applied: All Pages or First page only.

    Font Size

    Select the size of the font to be used for endorsements. Smaller fonts allow more text to be included.

    Location to Map

    Select the location in the document header (Top choices) or footer (Bottom choices) where the endorsement should be placed.

    Map Endorsement

    Click to add the endorsement to the selected location.

  6. Repeat step 3 for each endorsement to be added. In addition to adding endorsements to the different locations in the header and/or footer, more than one endorsement can be added to a single location.

  7. After all endorsements have been added, review the result in the Endorsement Mappings area. If needed, make changes to the mappings:

    • Click an individual endorsement, then click Clear to remove that endorsement.

    • Click Clear in a particular area to remove all endorsements from that area.

    • Click Clear All to remove all endorsements that have been mapped.

    • Click an individual endorsement and use the up or down buttons for the mapped location to move the endorsement.

  8. The example on the right shows that the bar code endorsement has been selected and is ready to be moved or deleted from the bottom right area.

  9. When all image options have been defined, either complete other procedures in this section or click Save to save the current definition.