Create Batches for TAR Review Passes

The review passes created for TARTechnology Assisted Review projects include the following, where ABC is the prefix defined for the TAR project. Create batches for these review passes at the times listed. Refer to Workflow Process for details.

To create batches for TAR review passes:

  1. Get started:

    1. Start Eclipse and log in as an Eclipse administrator.

    2. Open the case for which the TAR training batches are being created.

  2. In the Case View pane, click the Case Administration tab, , then click Review Pass Management.

  3. In the list of review passes, click the needed TAR review pass.

  4. Click to update data in the Review Pass Information area.

  5. Review the number of unbatched documents in the review pass, then click Create Batches.

  6. After batches are created:

    1. Evaluate data in the Review Pass Information area. Click again to ensure data is updated.

    2. Provide instructions to reviewers.