Tag Multiple Documents

Use the following procedure to select multiple documents in the same way all at once.

  1. Complete "Tagging Preparation."

  2. In the Documents or related tab’s toolbar, click actions to open the mass actions toolbar.

  3. Select Edit in the mass actions toolbar and complete step 4 or step 5 as needed to select the documents to be tagged.

  4. All documents: To tag all documents in the current document set (based on your selection during preparation):

    1. Select All, from the mass actions toolbar as shown in the following figure.

    2. Skip to step 6.

  5. Selected documents: To tag selected documents in the active tab (Documents, Batch, etc.):

    1. Select the check boxes associated with any documents you would like to tag, as shown in the following figure.

    2. Continue with the next step.

  6. Select in the mass action toolbar, then click the mass action you would like to perform. Refer to the image below.

  7. Complete one of or more of the following procedures.

    • Tag Multiple Documents

    • Edit Multiple Fields

    • Export Multiple Documents

  8. Repeat this procedure for other groups of documents that need to be tagged in the same way.