Search Methods

In ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review, you have three ways to search:

Note: Administrators can define lists of related search terms (words, phrases, or expressions) of particular importance, and find documents containing these terms. This function is called “keyword searching” and it can help administrators with document management, review, and other tasks. For more information, see Create and Schedule Keyword Lists

Advanced Search

Create an advanced search by clicking on the Advanced Search tab. For more information, see Basic Advanced Search Procedures .

Visual Search

Create a visual search expression by clicking the Visual Search tab on the Case View. For more information, see Basic Visual Search Procedure.

Timeline Search

Constrain the search results to a specific time period using timeline search on the Visual Search or Advanced Search tabs. For more information, see The Timeline.

Search Fundamentals

Several concepts apply whether you are using the Visual and Advanced Search functions. For more information, see Default Search Assumptions.