Export Data for Multiple Records

By default, up to 1 GB of data can be exported from an Ipro ADDAutomated Digital Discovery case into a .CSVA comma-separated values (CSV) file used to store tabular data. or .DAT file. Your administrator may configure a different limit. To export data:

  1. Getting started:

    1. Click ECA & Review on the ADD Home page or from the main menu..

    2. From the Review home page, click the desired case card. The review passes load in the funnel graph.

    3. Click to open the ADD Review Case Administration page.

    4. Hide columns containing data you do not want to export. See "Show/hide and organize column" for details.

  2. In the Saved Searches tab, locate and select the needed search.

  3. Optional: Display a specific subset of records by performing a search and/or filtering on one or more columns. (See Basic Advanced Search Procedures for details on defining searches.)

  4. Click the Results tab.

  5. Optional: Sort the documents in the Results tab. Documents will print in the order shown. (See "Sort the Case Table" for details on sorting, filtering, etc..)

  6. Select the documents to be exported. You can select one, some, or all of the documents located in the grid by selecting the check box for each document. At least one document must be selected. To select all documents in the grid, select the check box located in the grid's column field heading row.

  7. Click to open the mass actions menu and choose Export. The Export dialog appears.

  8. Select the records to be exported:

    1. From the Output Type drop-down menu, choose .CSV File or DAT file.

    2. From the Encoding drop-down menu, choose UnicodeAn encoding system where a unique number exists for every character regardless of the platform, application, or language. or .UTF-8.
  9. Click Export, The selected output file type is generated with the file name: Export.CSV or Export.DAT.

Note: The file size will be monitored by Ipro ADD. If it reaches the size limit (1 GB or as configured by your administrator), a message will alert you to the fact and the process will be canceled. To address this issue, reduce the size (select fewer records and/or fewer columns of data), or contact your Ipro ADD administrator for assistance.