Define a Text Search

To define a text search, complete the following steps. The following figure shows a typical text search.

  1. Begin with the "Basic Advanced Search Procedures".

  2. If Text Search section is not visible in the Advanced Search tab, click the corresponding arrow .

  3. As needed, select one or more search options from the Type list, as described in the following table.


    • These options will apply to all entries in the Keyword field.

    • Applying any of these options to multiple terms can slow the search.

    • Select from one or more special types of search as follows.

  4. Component


    Stemming(Search Function) Finds formats of the word such as apply, applies, etc. Use ~ at the end of the word to search for stemming variations.

    Search for terms and all words beginning with the root form of the word entered. For example, searching for operation with this option selected will return documents containing operation, operate, and operator. (The root form of operation is considered operat.)

    Phonic(Search Function) Finds words that sound like the requested word. Use a # in front of the word to search phonetically.

    Search for terms that sound similar but are spelled differently. For example, searching for smith with this option selected will return documents containing smith, smithe, and smythe.


    Search for terms that are not quite an exact match but are close. Useful for searching text fields in which some characters may not have been interpreted correctly by an OCROptical character recognition. In eCapture, OCR text is created during a Processing Job, if possible. Otherwise, extracted text is created. A separate text file is created for each page processed. engine.

    Select a number from 0 to 9 to specify the degree of fuzziness that will be accepted. Values from 1 to 3 represent moderate levels of error tolerance and are used most often. Higher numbers result in a higher error tolerance (more results).

    Fuzzy search results may vary, depending on such factors as the length of the search term and/or position of incorrect characters.

    Synonyms(Search Function) Finds synonyms of the requested word. Use “&” at the end of the word to search for synonyms in individual words.

    Search term(s) that have the same meaning as the word that you enter, such as the words legal and authorized. Synonyms are defined by the WordNet® concept network. For details on WordNet, see

    Related Words

    Search for the term you enter and related terms as defined by the WordNet concept network. For example, words may be related by being a subset of the search term (such as furniture and chair). WordNet considers many types of relationships, as discussed on their Web site.

  5. Enter any full-text search term or phrase in the Keyword field. Use the syntax explained in "Search Syntax" to construct any type of full-text search.

  6. After the text search is defined, complete your advanced search definition as needed.

  7. When finished, click Save Only, Save and Search, or Search Only. For more information, see Run and/or Save a Search".