Manage Review Passes and Batches

Once review passes are created, you can manage them as needed in ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review.


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Manage Review Passes

Get Started

Complete the following steps to work with review passes in ADD Review:

  1. Get started:

    1. Complete planning as explained in Before You Begin. Start ADD Review and log in as an administrator.

    2. In ADD Review, click on a case card.

    3. Click the Enter Case button.

      The Case View displays.

    4. Click on the Review Pass Management button, .

  2. In the Review Pass Management panel, click the needed review pass. If a large number of review passes exists, take any of the following actions to find the needed one:

    1. Scroll vertically to locate the review pass in the list.

    2. Sort the keyword list names by clicking the sort button, , and choosing from the different options. Click a selected option again to reverse the sort order.

    3. In the Search box , start typing any of the following items: the keyword list name, the name of the administrator who created/modified the group, or part of the created/modified date. This is a plain text search that searches these items in order.

    4. Click the desired review pass.

Evaluate Review Pass Status

To evaluate details (total number of documents in the review pass, number of batched and unbatched documents, and so forth) for an individual review pass:

  1. Complete Get Started above.

  2. For the selected review pass, click  in the Review Pass Information area.

  3. Evaluate details in the area. The following figure shows an example.

Change Review Pass Definition

After a review pass is defined, you can change any part of its definition.

Note: If batches have already been created, some changes will have no effect on existing batches (for example changing batch size). Changing the search upon which the review pass is based will add documents that were not results of the first search to the review pass.

To change a review pass definition:

  1. CompleteGet Started above.

  2. For the selected review pass, click  and make needed changes. For details on options, see Review Pass Basics.

  3. When finished, click Save.

  4. Inform users of changes.

Delete a Review Pass

To delete a review pass (all batches will also be deleted):

  1. Complete Get Started above.

  2. For the selected review pass, click , then click OK in response to the confirmation message.

Manage Batches

Note: The Batching tab in Eclipse allows you to perform several batch management activities. Batches are not managed in ADD Review. For more information, see "Manage Review Passes and Batches" in the Eclipse Help.