Managing Tags

About Tags

One of the primary activities when preparing documents for discovery is applying tags. A tag is a type of “marker” that allows you to categorize and identify specific document characteristics.

Typically defined by your administrator, tags allow you and your organization to find and identify similar documents—for example, those that are privileged in some way, or those needing review by a topic expert. ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review makes it easy for you to tag documents. This example shows that a document contains federal tax information.

Your administrator defines each case to include document tags.

Note: If Technology-Assisted Review (TARTechnology Assisted Review) projects are implemented at your site, TAR-specific tags will be created. Use these tags as directed by your administrator.

Common Uses

Tags allow you to work with documents that share similar characteristics or need similar attention. Following are a few common uses of tags:

Tagging Multiple Documents

This procedure is covered in the "Mass Action" section. For details, see Tag Multiple Documents.