Document History

DocumentIn eCapture, refers to an electronic file (letter, spreadsheet, slideshow, etc.) that can be discovered; or discovered and processed. history provides a record of certain actions made for each document during the current working session. History is persistent and includes actions made by all administrators/users.

Actions that are recorded in document history include:

The following figure shows an excerpt from the Document History pane. Details for an entry from 05/06/2013 have been expanded so that each action is visible.

View Document History

To view document history:

  1. Complete "Reviewing Relationships Details" and select Document History in the Relationships menu.

  2. As needed, filter the history by completing "Filter Document History."

  3. To view specific details for a particular entry in the Document History pane, click . Details for one entry can be viewed at a time.

Filter Document History

Complete the following procedure to filter document history:

  1. Open the Document History pane as explained in the previous procedure.

  2. To sort the details, click a column heading by which you want to sort.

  3. To filter details, locate column by which you want to filter the list and click the funnel button as shown in this figure.

  4. To select from existing column entries, select one or more options in the top part of the Filter dialog box, then click Filter.

  5. For more complex filtering, complete the bottom of the Filter dialog box:

    1. Select a needed criterion from the first list. Several options exist, such as Is Equal To, Starts With, or Does not contain.

    2. In the field below the first criterion list, enter the details by which you want to filter.

    3. If the entry in step b includes text for which capitalization is important, enter the details using the needed case and click the button.

    4. To include a second criterion, select the needed connecting operator, And or Or, and repeat steps a – c in the bottom part of the dialog box. This figure shows filtering by a particular date range.

    5. When the filtering criteria is defined, click Filter.

  6. To clear filtering:

    1. Locate and click the highlighted filter button, .

    2. In the Filter dialogue box, click Clear Filter.

Tip: To filter by dates, if a specific time is not of importance, enter only the date. Ipro Eclipse will complete the entry to include the time and GMT offset.