Create a Relationship List

To create a Relationship list:

  1. Get started:

    1. Start ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review and log in as an administrator.

    2. Open the case for which relationships are being defined.

    3. In the Enter Case pane, click Case Settings and then Relationships.

  2. In the Relationship List pane, click .

  3. Enter a name for the relationship that will be meaningful to users and complete the following steps as needed.

  4. Group By: Select the field on which the relationship will be based. All documents with the same data in this field will be included in the relationship list.

  5. Sort By: Select the field on which the data in the list will be sorted (data will be sorted in ascending order).

  6. Permissions: If the relationship should be restricted to certain review groups:

    1. Click Add/Remove Groups (to the right of the Relationship window).

    2. Select needed groups and click OK.

  7. To make a relationship available to all groups that are currently defined for the case, click Select All. The form will be unavailable for groups added after this selection (unless you add them).

  8. Compare option: For duplicate, near-duplicate, or similar relationships, select the Show DocumentIn eCapture, refers to an electronic file (letter, spreadsheet, slideshow, etc.) that can be discovered; or discovered and processed. Compare Tool if you want users to be able to compare the documents in ADD Review (compare a selected document to one in the Relationships list).

  9. Available Fields: Add fields to be displayed for the relationship by using the arrow buttons.

  10. Available Tag Groups: Add tag groups to be displayed for the relationship by using the arrow buttons.

  11. When needed fields and tag groups have been selected, organize them in a way to best meet the needs of your users. They will be displayed left to right in ADD Review based on the order (top-to-bottom) defined here. To change the order:

    1. Select a field or tag group to be reordered.

    2. Click Up or Down until the field/tag group is in the desired location.

    3. Repeat these steps to reorder fields/tag groups.

  12. When finished, click Save.

  13. Repeat this procedure to configure other relationships.

  14. Explain to users how to use the Relationships list as they review cases.