Set Streaming Case (Project) Options

At the Case (ProjectIn ADD, the level beneath Client in the hierarchy. Projects can have one or more Custodians.) level, the StreamingThe process of automatically copying, processing, filtering and loading data into review systems. DiscoveryProcess used to determine file type(s) to later be processed. The process of making data known to the eCapture system and assigning an index value to this data. Options tab is used to access the options that apply exclusively to ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Streaming Discovery Jobs: Discovery Options, FilteringIn eCapture, options that include processing only specific file types, processing by date range, or processing only those files that do not contain specified extensions. Options, Imaging, and Export Options.

When creating a new eCapture project, the system will automatically display the Project Options (by default) so that you may select these options before proceeding with creating the streaming discovery job for the new project. When creating the streaming discovery job individually, the system will automatically display the options for the job.

Note: It is necessary to create and select an Export Series job when creating a Streaming Imaging job.

Documents can be TIFFed/imaged inside of a Streaming Discovery JobIn eCapture, a single directory is chosen to run the discovery job from in order to determine file types. During the discovery process, the MD5 hash for files (sans container files) are calculated and indexing occurs. removing the need to image the documents separately. The generated TIFFs/images are automatically loaded into the review platform. Imaging occurs before exporting; the last step in the streaming process. Additionally, less frequently used options were moved from the main tab and can be accessed by clicking located at the bottom of the main tab.

Prior to imaging, filtering may be applied allowing for only specific output. Existing Processing options (General, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) may be selected for the Streaming Discovery imaging job.

Filtering and de-duplication are applied on the export interval and data extract export sets are created for completed families. Once all family members have completed imaging, a Process Export Set and Process Export Job are created.

The Streaming Imaging job consists of a Discovery, DataComprises documents, numbers, files, emails, and any other information stored on a digital device. In eCapture, refers to the electronic files that are discovered and processed. Extract, and Processing JobThere are two types: Search and Standard. The Search Processing Job allows the culling of data by the dtSearch indices created during discovery. The Standard Processing Job acts upon all files of the selected Discovery Job or Jobs. If more than one Discovery Job is selected, the contents are treated as a single, combined Discovery job for the purposes of searching and de-duplication. During this process task, images are created, raw text is extracted, word positions are extracted, and metadata is extracted for an item.. The job may be opened in QCQuality Control. A process performed on a Processing Job to ensure accuracy of the final, delivered data. QCing can be performed on one, some, or all available categories and/or one, some, or all flags (Passed QC, Text Missing, Low Priority, etc.) upon completion and loading.

As of version 2018.5.2, a new report was added for Streaming Discovery and Streaming Imaging jobs called De-duplication Detailed.

For details about each of the Options on the Discovery Options, Imaging Options, and Export Options tabs, see:


Discovery Options tab

Discovery Options

Imaging tab

General Imaging Options

General Excel Imaging Options

Advanced Excel Imaging Options

General Word Imaging Options

Advanced Word Imaging Options

General PowerPoint Imaging Options

Advanced PowerPoint Imaging Options

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Export Options tab

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