Get Started with Streaming

ADDAutomated Digital DiscoveryStreamingThe process of automatically copying, processing, filtering and loading data into review systems. DiscoveryProcess used to determine file type(s) to later be processed. The process of making data known to the eCapture system and assigning an index value to this data. is a single, optimized eCapture job type that combines both a traditional Discovery JobIn eCapture, a single directory is chosen to run the discovery job from in order to determine file types. During the discovery process, the MD5 hash for files (sans container files) are calculated and indexing occurs. and a DataComprises documents, numbers, files, emails, and any other information stored on a digital device. In eCapture, refers to the electronic files that are discovered and processed. Extract Job. This method is used to push data through to the review process and reduce the number of starts and stops required by traditional methods.

DocumentIn eCapture, refers to an electronic file (letter, spreadsheet, slideshow, etc.) that can be discovered; or discovered and processed. families are available for the review process sooner due to the use of family-based task distribution. All document families keep moving forward through the ADD Streaming Discovery phases as soon as they are ready. The ADD Streaming Workers are constantly processing data so the data can move through the filtering phase and then to the export phase.

Images may be generated during a Streaming Discovery Job allowing for automatic loading into a review platform such as Eclipse.

Cases are created in ADD, followed by setting up the Streaming Job in eCapture.


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