Streaming FAQs

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding StreamingThe process of automatically copying, processing, filtering and loading data into review systems..

ClosedDoes the process handle password-protected data?

ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Streaming has multiple ways of handling password protected files including the ability to submit them prior to processing as well as resolving individual encrypted files via QCQuality Control. A process performed on a Processing Job to ensure accuracy of the final, delivered data. QCing can be performed on one, some, or all available categories and/or one, some, or all flags (Passed QC, Text Missing, Low Priority, etc.).

ClosedWhen using data filtering, what is the hierarchy/order Streaming uses to determine the document date for a file?

For email files, the email date is used. For all other file types, the modification date is used.

ClosedHow do I tell ADD Processing to only use OCR Workers for my Streaming job?

  1. In Case View/Modify Settings, click the Streaming DiscoveryProcess used to determine file type(s) to later be processed. The process of making data known to the eCapture system and assigning an index value to this data. Options tab.
  2. Under Discovery Options, select OCROptical character recognition. In eCapture, OCR text is created during a Processing Job, if possible. Otherwise, extracted text is created. A separate text file is created for each page processed. Options, and then select Use OCR Workers.
  3. Select the desired task table where the OCR Workers reside.

ClosedHow does “Point to eCapture Storage” work when configuring an Export Series for Streaming?

This option allows Eclipse to point back to the eCapture case directory where natives are located. Since most cases are in the same environment there is no need to write out another copy of the native files that were extracted during the Discovery/Processing phase.

ClosedCan I do a Standard Discovery job and a Streaming Discovery job within the same eCapture product?

Yes, using the ADD interface you can select if you would like to create the job as a Streaming Discovery job or a Standard Discovery job. Note that certain files may be different, which could cause items to not de-duplicate against each other from jobs of different types.