Copy Data to Network

  1. Click Copy DataComprises documents, numbers, files, emails, and any other information stored on a digital device. In eCapture, refers to the electronic files that are discovered and processed. to Network.

  2. If you are not already connected to a Copy Station, you will need to connect the media received in your shipment to an available Copy StationThe devices in your network from which incoming media will be copied, such as computer and server hard drives (internal and external).. See Administration for more information.

    1. In the Data Status pane, choose a Copy Station. The available drives display to the right.

    2. Click Connect on the selected drive.

  3. Important: If the serial number that is read from the connected drive differs from the data that we entered in when registering the media, a warning message displays.

  4. Complete Steps a - b (a green checkmark displays next to each step when it is complete.):

    1. Select Paths

      • From the Select Case drop-down list, select the case into which you want to process the data.

      • Select the connected drive to scan.

      • Click Next.

    2. Enter Destination Path

      • Enter the Network Path.

      • Click Process.