Add New Outgoing Delivery

To add a new delivery (receipt or shipment of case-related media): 

  1. Prepare for the delivery:

    1. Ensure you have needed information and know your firm’s conventions for delivery details.

    2. Optional. Complete steps 2 and 3 and review the New DeliveryContains case-related media sent from your clients or related sources. Deliveries are sent by a shipment company, email, FTP, Electronic Delivery, or Physical Delivery. form.

    3. Note: You may need to scroll down to access the entire new delivery form (including the Save button).

    4. Check with your administrator if you have any questions.

  2. In MediaThe medium (hard drive, DVD, network share, etc.) associated with the delivery. Manager, click the Deliveries tab, if needed. (The Deliveries tab displays when you first log in.)

  3. Click Create and select the Outgoing from the drop-down list.

  4. Enter or select needed delivery details as listed in the following table.

  5. ClosedClick to view field descriptions

    Note: Delivery Name and Delivery Method are required (as indicated by*); all other entries are optional. Not all items apply to all delivery methods – for example, an email delivery would not include a tracking number.




    Delivery Name*

    Enter a name for the delivery. Consider naming conventions to ensure deliveries are easy to identify and find.

    Delivery Method*

    Select the means of delivery from available options:

    • Shipment: Delivered by a standard shipping company.

    • Email: Sent by email.

    • FTPFile Transfer Protocol: Deposited on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site.

    • Electronic Delivery: An electronic method other than email or FTP.

    • Physical Delivery: Delivered in person by a method other than the listed shipping companies.

    Ship To

    To select recipient:

    1. Click in the field and complete step 2, 3, or 4 to select a recipient (a contact defined by your administrator) from the list.

    2. In the list, click the recipient's name.

      For long lists, enter any part of the name in the Find box to limit the list to names with the entered character(s).

      1. Click the needed name.

      2. Click X to clear the field and enter something different.

    3. If the needed name does not exist:

      1. Click Add New Ship To and enter needed details. A name is required; other details are optional.

      2. Click Save. The new recipient is selected in your New Delivery form (and also added to the Administration Contacts list).


    Select the applicable delivery service:

    • Fed Ex: FedEx Corporation

    • USPS: United States Postal Service

    • UPS: United Parcel Service, Inc.

    • Other: Any other delivery company or person.

    Shipped On / Arrived On

    Enter the date on which the media were shipped/ received, using a numeric-only format (for example, 10/08/2015 or 10-8-15). Or, click  and select the date.

    Tracking Number

    As applicable, enter the carrier’s package tracking number.

    External IDIn the eCapture Controller, a number assigned (through the SQL database) to every Project, Discovery Job, or Processing Job.

    If your firm has another delivery tracking system, enter that system’s identification here.


    Enter any pertinent details about the delivery.

  6. When finished, do one of the following:

    • Click Save to complete the definition; go to step 6.

    • Click Save and New to complete the definition and define additional deliveries. The delivery type is Outgoing.

  7. After a delivery has been saved, optionally do one of the following:

  8. Click < Back to return to the New Delivery form/create a new delivery. The delivery type will be the same as the delivery you just created (Outgoing).

  9. Change delivery details.