Eclipse-Specific Permissions

The permissions outlined in the following table are Eclipse-Specific permissions.

Note: This table provides a cross-reference for permissions which are tied to other permissions in the table. When permissions are linked, you must have both the permission and it's linked permission, to get access to the functionality. For example, if you are given permission to Case DataComprises documents, numbers, files, emails, and any other information stored on a digital device. In eCapture, refers to the electronic files that are discovered and processed. Import, but you don’t have the Case Management permission, you will not see Case Data Import in your application.




Linked Permission

Enable User for Review

The user will have access to ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Review, Eclipse Web and Eclipse Admin



Case Data Import

The user will have access to Case Management > Import within Eclipse Admin

Case Management


Expanders Reports

The user will have access to Reports Expander and all reports in Eclipse - Reports under the Reports expander in Eclipse can still be secured from within Eclipse Admin.


Case Setup

Note: One of these items must be enabled in order to see the case show up in your Eclipse Case List

Case Management

Allow User to view/edit cases in Eclipse Admin > Case Management. The user will have access to Case Management, Eclipse Analytics, Transcripts and Process



Delete Image

The user will be able to delete images from a document or range of documents within Eclipse Admin

Case Management