Ipro ADD Security Permissions

As of version 2018.5.0, the Eclipse permissions, groups, and templates, were migrated to ADDAutomated Digital Discovery Web allowing security to be managed from a single location. Specific permissions may be applied across a Managing ClientManaging clients provide the basis of the relationship between cases and reviewers (groups and users). This can be thought of as a one-to-one relationship. For example, the law firm is called Attorney Group Limited, PLLC, and it would have multiple managing clients (Globex, Consolidated Industries, etc.). These managing clients will then have their own clients and cases. For Service Providers, who host their own multiple customers, all clients may be associated with a single managing client. For example, the managing client is called Service Providers, Inc., and it may have one or more clients that are associated with it. These managing clients will then have their own clients and cases., ClientThe highest level in the ADD hierarchy. A Client is required to create a case., Code Name, and associated Case(s) using templates.

The templates allow easy assignment of specific permissions. Permission changes made in ADD are reflected in Eclipse.