Delete a Security Group

Note: All users will lose their permissions who are related to the deleted group’s associated contexts such as managing client, client, and case(s).


Complete the following steps to delete a security group:

  1. Choose Case Management from the ADDAutomated Digital Discovery main menu.

  2. In the left pane of the Case Management page, click Manage Security.

  3. Point to on the desired group; and when the mouse pointer changes to a hand, click to open the menu.

  4. Choose Edit Group to open the Edit Group page.

  5. Click . A prompt appears indicating all the group’s users will lose their permissions.

  6. Click OK in response to the confirmation message.

Deleted users who are logged in to any ADD product when you delete them will remain active until they log out (or the product times out). After that point, they will not be recognized by any ADD product.