Create a New Security Group

Security Groups also appear on the Groups page under ADDAutomated Digital Discovery System Administration.

Complete the following steps to create a new security group:

  1. Choose Case Management from the ADD main menu.

  2. In the left pane of the Case Management page, click Manage Security.

  3. Click to open the Add Group page.

  4. Enter a meaningful group name (minimum of two characters) in the Group Name field (the red asterisk, *, indicates required entries).

  5. Select a user from the users’ list and click to add the user to the group. Active users have a green dot by their name. Inactive users have a gray dot next to their name.

    Note: To add all users to the group, click . Click to remove all users from the group and back into the users’ list. Select a user and click to remove that user from the group.

  6. Repeat the previous step for all additional users who should be added to the group. Note: To locate a user quickly, enter their name in the Search field.

  7. When all users are added to the group, click Save. Note: Click Save & Add Another to remain in the Add Group page to add another group and its users.