Set Presentation Preferences

Presentation Preferences are different than Present User Preferences.

Presentation Preferences enable you to customize the look and feel of your presentations, toolbar visibility, exhibit behavior, hotkeys, and much more.

To open Presentation Preferences, do one of the following:

  • From Presentation mode, click the Presentation menu button (far left), and then click Preferences.

  • From the Preview window, click the Open Presentation Preferences button.

Spend some time viewing the available options before you plan your next presentation. As you do this, click to expand or collapse groups of options as needed, and expand the Information text to learn more about specific options.

The following table lists some of the commonly used settings and where to locate them in Presentation Preferences.

To do this...

Set this option...

Look & Feel


Lock the Toolbar (tools unable to move from positions)


Set toolbar buttons to Desktop View or Tablet View



Stage > Toolbar Preferences > Toolbar Options


Change the background color (theme)



Stage > Appearances > Select a Theme



Change the type of information that appears at the top left corner of exhibits (or hide it completely)


Stage > Zones > Caption Boxes


Make Presentation Mode open on your secondary monitor or projector


Stage > Display Properties > Secondary Monitor



Change the font of transcript text and closed captions



Exhibits > Digital Video Transcripts > Fonts


Exhibits > Transcripts > Fonts



Prevent scrolling and navigation within documents you present unless you press CTRL+Page Up or CTRL+Page Down (Single Page View)



Exhibits > Documents and Images > Single Page View



Line thickness of all annotations (arrows, ellipses, etc.)



Tools > Annotations



Stop the lines from appearing when you use Projection Zoom



Tools > Projections > Show Projection Lines (disable)




Set "Select Last Used Callout" hotkey behavior



Tools > General > Default Projection Tool Behavior



Make videos start playing immediately after they're loaded



Exhibits > Multimedia > Startup Behavior


Exhibits > Digital Video Transcripts > DVT Play Options > Startup Behavior



Make videos close automatically after they finish playing



Exhibits > Multimedia > Shutdown Behavior
Exhibits > Digital Video Transcripts > DVT Play Options > Shutdown Behavior



Make exhibits open in a certain zone even if you don't select it first



Stage > Zones > Default Zone Placement



Make all linked exhibits open in a certain zone when DVTs are playing



Exhibits > Digital Video Transcripts > Linked Exhibits



Set up custom keystrokes to control your presentation






Note: For best reliability when playing back video in dual-monitor environments it is recommended to use a common DPI scaling setting for both monitors.


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