Load a Saved Layout

You can save a layout of the different explorers, work areas, and panels in the TrialDirector 360 EVIDENCE Main Menu. You can save several different layouts that fit any specific workflow and load them later as needed.

To load a saved layout, follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard, click the TrialDirector 360 module.

  2. Click the EVIDENCE tab in the left navigation panel.

  3. Open the needed case by double-clicking the case name in the Cases table. Alternatively, you can select the appropriate case name, then click the Open Case button in the ribbon bar above the table.

  4. Click the Layouts dropdown in the Main Menu ribbon bar above an open case.

  5. A list of the available layouts appears.

    The green checkmark indicates the current active layout.

  6. Select a layout to activate it.

  7. The explorers and panels snap to their saved layout positions and you can begin working.


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