Overview: Designation Types

You may be responsible for assembling a list of all of the page and line number references of witness testimony that the attorneys plan on using in court. Eventually, you will need to provide these references to the opposing counsel and the court. Since there are different types of designations that you will need to identify in the testimony, you want to speed up the process by defining the different designation types in one location. You can then quickly assign these types to the testimony that the attorneys plan to use in court.

You can define these designation types in the Designations tab of an open case in TrialDirector 360 CASE MANAGER.

Examples of designation types include:

  • Plaintiff Designation

  • Defense Designation

  • “Party name” Designation (where the actual name of the party appears (e.g. Cross-complaintant, Cross-defendant, Defendant, view the Overview: Parties article for more information)

  • Plaintiff Cross Designation or Counter Designation

View the following articles, in the online Help for more information on managing designations:

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