Add an Exhibit Label

In CASE MANAGER, you can add exhibit labels to your case from the Exhibit Labels tab in an open case.

To add an exhibit label:


  2. Double-click on a case to open it.

  3. Select the Exhibit Labels tab.

  4. The Exhibit Label table appears.

  5. Click the Add button.

  6. The Add Exhibit Label dialog appears.

  7. Enter the information for the exhibit label in the dialog.

  8. You can input the following information:

    • Name - The name of the exhibit label

    • Apply on Image - The option for where to place the exhibit label on the case item.

    • Number Source - The option to choose between Page Id, Exhibit No., Trial Exhibit No., and Case No. for your source.

    • Style Options
      • Standard - The option for a square shaped label.

      • Long - The option for a longer rectangle shaped label.

      • Background - Selects the background color of the exhibit label.

      • Text - Selects the text color of the exhibit label.

      • Border - The option to include a border around the exhibit label.

      • Rounded Corners - The option to include rounded corners on all 4 sides of the exhibit label.

    • Caption - These 5 options allow for customizing each line in the exhibit label.
      • Caption Selection - Select between Caption and Source.

      • Custom Text - Enter custom text in each line.

      • Font Style - Select different typefaces.

      • Font Size - Select a font size within specific range.

      • Bold

      • Italics

  9. Click the Save & Close button.

  10. The dialog closes, and the exhibit label is added to the case.


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