Publish to Evidence

You can publish DVT output files from SYNC 360 directly to SHARE 360 without having to upload the files to SHARE 360 separately.

Use the following steps to publish to SHARE 360:

  1. Open the Publish DVT dialog.
  2. On the desktop application of SYNC 360, select the completed DVT you want to generate files for and click Publish DVT.

    If you are working with SYNC 360 at, select a DVT from the SYNC 360 Start Page and click the Request DVT Output button.

    The dialog appears.

  3. Enter the DVT information in the dialog.
  4. Select any output options.
  5. If you select the DepoView Volume option, the following options are automatically selected and disabled:

    • TrialDirector 6.x
    • Open DVT (XML)
    • Text (TXT)

    A DepoView Volume already generates those output options when it is published.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the SHARE option.
  8. Then select the folder in your SHARE account where you want the files to appear.

    Note: With the Publish to SHARE checkbox selected, you still need to select the output types you want to generate.

  9. Click Publish DVT.
  10. The files are generated and can be found in the folder you indicated.