Replicate a Case

Replication is used to copy files down to a local machine so that a user can work offline and later reconnect and sync their changes to the database.

Replicate a Case (Initial Replication)

Complete the following steps to replicate case data from Review for the first time.

  1. Getting started:

    1. Make sure you have opened the needed case.

      NOTE: A batch cannot be replicated.

    2. From the Review button menu, select Export Data > Replicate > Download Review Case to Local System.

    3. Review the selections and options available to determine the content of the replicated case. Decide on which documents will be replicated as well as optional documents such as transcripts.

      NOTE: Make sure your local system has sufficient space for the files you need.

    4. If preparation is needed, such as performing a search, close the dialog box until all preparation is completed. Repeat step b after preparation is complete and continue with the next step.

  2. Make needed selections in the Download Review Case to Local System dialog box:

  3. Item


    Output Directory

    Enter the path for or browse to the folder into which replicated case files will be added.

    Select documents to download

    Choose the option for the data to be replicated:

    • Entire case: all documents in the opened case.

    • Current Active Search: the needed Search Results tab must be active in Review.

    • Saved Search: click this option and select the needed saved search.

    • Advanced Search: click this option and click the Search icon to define and run the needed search. See Use Advanced Search for details.

    • List of BegDoc Keys: click this option and enter the full path including file name) or click Browse and navigate to the needed file. The file must be a plain text file with one BegDoc (image) key per line.

      Note: In Eclipse SE, in order to have transcripts included in the replicated case, you had to check a box labeled Transcripts. In Review, when you select documents, transcripts are included by default you do not need to select them to be included.

    Select items to include in output

    Select additional files to be replicated:

    • Case Instructions: all instruction files.

    • Non-Discovery Documents: all documents in the Non-Discovery Docs folder.

    • Production Job(s): documents of selected production sets that your administrator has included in the case.

  4. When all options are selected, click Start. Wait as the case is replicated. The amount of time required depends on the number of documents being included and system resources.

  5. When the replication is complete, click Exit.

Update a Replicated Case

If new documents (data and corresponding image, native, and text files) and/or transcripts are added to a case (the main case) that has already been replicated, you can add the new data/documents/transcripts to your replicated case without affecting any of your work in the replicated case.

To add new records/documents to a replicated case:

  1. Complete Replicate a Case (Initial Replication), making sure that you select the output directory used for the initial replication and that your other selections will incorporate the new documents/data you want to add or update.  

  2. When you click Start, the Overwrite/Replace existing data/records message displays. See the following table for details on the message options.

  3. Option

    Select this option to...


    Add only new case documents and/or transcripts to the replicated case (those added to the case after it was replicated). Existing documents in your replicated case are not affected.


    Completely remove all data and files (images included) from the local computer, then re-copy all case data, documents, images, etc. from the main case back to the local computer.

    IMPORTANT! This option will delete the local case completely. To avoid losing local work, first upload/synchronize your work (see page 10-11), and then replicate the case and use this option.

  4. Select the needed option and click OK. The replicated case will be updated or replaced, based on the option you selected.


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