Ipro for desktop Release Notes 2019.2.0

Ipro Tech, LLC is pleased to announce the 2019.2.0 release of Ipro® for desktop™. This release includes enhancements to the User Interface, transcript module, production, streaming, and publish fixes. Release Notes are available on the Help Center in the Ipro for desktop help area.

  • This is a new product release and will not upgrade existing Eclipse SE applications. Migration of users and cases is a feature available in this release.

Review Features

  • Dashboard – Access to all components of Ipro for desktop in a one stop location. Users can easily open Review, Case Management, Processing, Administration, TrialDirector, and Case Story from one location.
  • New User Interface – Ease of use implementation through new user interface in Case Management and Processing (TIFF, OCR, SCAN).
  • Active User Licensing – Easily control who has access to components as well as number of users who are active at any given time through the new active user licensing.
  • Link to TrialDirector – Send documents to TrialDirector right from Review. Easy right-click options allow for the sharing of documents between Review and Trial.
  • New Transcript Module – Review now uses the same transcript module as TrialDirector allowing for application of notes, issues, searching and sharing of transcripts between Review and TrialDirector.
  • Improved Data Indexing – Enhancements to improve the indexing speeds for importing of data and re-indexing of cases.
  • Streaming Improvement – Redesigned Ipro for desktop Streaming to run as a separate memory service. This design enables enhanced error management for Ipro for desktop Streaming, enabling the ability to restart the service when certain files create exceptions that halt streaming in previous versions. This enhancement allows Ipro for desktop Streaming to complete data sets that include problematic files and report only those files with errors instead of the entre data set.
  • Standard Ingestion – A version of a third-party tool used for Standard Ingestion was not correctly processing a small percentage of problematic email files. To ensure the proper ingestion of all files, an implementation was completed to programmatically revert to a previous version of the third-party tool when encountering errors pertaining to those files.
  • Deduplication Log File Enhancement – Improved deduplication log file. The deduplication log file created during Streaming Ingestion has been improved to include the following fields: BEGDOC, Original filename, Original custodian, Original file size, Original file path, Original current location, Original hash, Duplicate filename, Duplicate custodian, Duplicate file size, Date, Duplicate file path, Duplicate hash
  • Case Migration Tool – Easily migrate users and cases from Eclipse SE to Ipro for desktop using the migration tool.

TrialDirector Features

  • Data Sync – Desktop to Desktop – Allows multiple users within the same network to share cases and changes made to case elements with each other.
  • Import/Export Case – Allows users to export a case to a secondary/backup computer for use in trial.
  • Exhibit Label Designer Enhancements – Added additional colors and ability to add case number as field.
  • Batch Clear Exhibit Labels – Ability to clear exhibit labels from multiple documents/pages at a time.
  • Document Naming Enhancements – Updated document naming logic
  • Document Import Performance Improvements – Improved speed at which documents are added to a case, to allow for quicker access after import.
  • Document Re-Sequencer Enhancements – Workflow improvements to the document re-sequencer tool
  • Drag & Drop support for load files – Load files can now be imported by dragging and dropping the load file into documents explorer.
  • Split Clip on Redaction – Clip creation process will prompt to split clip if selected transcript text contains a redaction.
  • XMEF Transcript Support – XMEF transcript format is now supported.
  • Drag & Drop segments between different clips – When editing clips with multiple segments, segments can be rearranged by drag and drop process.
  • Word Level Designations – Designations can now be applied at the word level.

Resolved Issues

There are no resolved issues for this initial release of Ipro for desktop.