Ipro for desktop Release Notes 2019.3.0

Ipro Tech, LLC is pleased to announce the 2019.3.0 release of Ipro® for desktop. This release includes enhancements to the Installer, Review module, Case Story, and TrialDirector 360.

    Important: This release will upgrade the previous installations of Ipro for desktop, but will not perform upgrades of Eclipse SE software installations. Users will still be able to migrate/upgrade Clients, Cases, Groups, and Users from Eclipse SE to Ipro for desktop.

Ipro® for desktop Features

  • New Installer & Updater – Uses Windows Installer to improve overall install and update process.

To view the new Ipro for desktop 2019.3.0 new features video, click Closedhere.

Review Features

  • Installer: Modified to set high DPI compatibility for Ipro products.
  • Production: Ability to include OCR path in produced or exported DAT file.
  • Production: If using a field name to name the output files and that field is empty, will default to production number for naming
  • Production: If an image has an error, the system inserts an error page as well as log the error instead of logging and skipping the image.
  • Processing: Natural Sort order added to Streaming, Native, and Image ingestion changing from Windows sort order to allow files to be ingested in natural order, i.e., 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 30 instead of 1, 10, 2, 20, 3, 30.
  • Processing: Ability to scale processing when TIFFing images by using a multi-threaded process
  • Processing: Option to skip full text merge/indexing after native ingestion, allowing users to choose when indexing occurs.

    • If the option to not merge indexes after ingestion is selected, the log file will reflect that “Full-text rebuild of indexes skipped”.
  • Review: Ability to import a list of search terms when using the Advanced Search feature.
  • Review: Updated redaction tool to be based off permissions to use, i.e., if user does not have the rights to create a redaction, it will no longer allow them to draw a redaction or select a redaction category. Users who have the permission to view redactions will be able to change the view, i.e., solid, hatch, or outline.
  • Dashboard - Administration: Summation Migration now available:
    • Update to Summation Migration to use Transcript Work Area.
    • Transcript links available in Review after Summation Migration.
    • Moved Summation Migration error log to C:\ProgramData\Ipro Tech\EclipseSE\Logs\Migration with a name of Summation_(date).
    • New visual status bar for summation migration progress.
    • Addition of view log button added to Summation Migration and Summation Batch Migration allowing users to access the log file easily.
    • Inclusion of default redaction category.
  • Dashboard - Case Management: Changed default case setup option to use Native Ingestion Template.

Case Story Features

  • Reports: Cast Fact Report, Cast Evidence Report, Issues Report – New reporting tools to identify facts linked to cast members, evidence linked to cast members, and issues applied to various case elements.

TrialDirector 360 Features

  • Document Import Performance Enhancements – Backend changes to import process implemented to improve document load times.
  • Importing Documents – Import at the Folder Level – Ability to browse to a folder and import its contents including subfolders.
  • Admitted Items Report – New report that identifies admitted exhibits and lists their various properties.
  • Export Snapshots – Snapshots can be exported to PNG image format to user defined location.
  • Virtual Clips – Upon import of DVT files, a virtual clip will automatically be created of the entire DVT, allowing full playback in present.
  • Assign & Modify Properties to Snapshots – Ability to assign and update Snapshot name, description and exhibit numbers.
  • Assign & Modify Properties to Save Stages – Ability to assign and update Save Stage name and description.

Resolved Issues

TrialDirector 360

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
    • Reports: Exhibit listing Reports do not show descriptions at document level.
    • Reports: “Case Clips Detailed Report” includes transcript line words not selected in clip.
    • Reports: Text removed from segments still display in report.
    • Clip Editor: Unable to drag segment into blank clip.
    • Clip Editor: Multiple “exclude objections” messages.
    • LFP Import: Children in LFP will not import unless there is a parent prior in the load file.
    • LFP Import: Children boundaries in LFP are not being treated as separate document boundaries during import.
    • LFP Import: Multi-page documents imported from LFP load file have pages flipped upside down.
    • Workbooks: Workbook displays (0) on admitted items.
    • Importing DVT adds media to two different repository locations.
    • Removing Page 1 of a document does not update parent document Item ID.