Overview: Administration Module

More than just a litigation database, Ipro for desktop, gives your organization the power to effectively control all aspects of its cases with a single discovery management application. It allows you to focus on the case, not the technology.

Reviewers, legal experts, and other users will review, analyze, and annotate documents with the easy-to-use tools in Review. Administrators will manage security, case content, production, and all aspects of the process with Administration.

Meet the Administration Workspace

The Administration workspace includes components that allow you to efficiently manage review processes. The following figure shows the Administration workspace and its major components; see the table for a description of each component.

Administration Workspace Components




Main tabs

The Case Management, Production, and System Management main tabs in Administration allow you to quickly find the menus and items needed to complete a task. Commands are organized in menus on each tab.



Administration workspace

The Administration workspace is the main working area of Administration. Based on the work task you choose, the workspace will include a main workspace.

Some workspaces (and tabs) include tabular data as described in Work in Administration.


Workspace tabs

For more complex work tasks, tabs are included in the workspace. Note that:

  • For sequential tabs (such as those for creating a case), your entries on each tab remain in effect until you click the Next button. If you make changes on a tab and do not click Next, and close Administration, your entries on the tab will be lost.

  • Click the buttons (on the right of the tabs) to access tabs that are not visible.


Navigation panel

The navigation panel is subdivided into one or more menus, submenus, and work tasks corresponding to main tab functions.


Status bar

The status bar at the bottom of the workspace includes product version information and optionally, other status information (for example, the location of the database on which you are working).

Work in Administration

While working in Administration, you can perform the following actions in most workspaces:

  • Maximize the Administration window by clicking the Maximize button in the window’s upper-right corner.

  • Drag a window border to increase the height, width, or overall size. To do so, place the mouse pointer over a window boundary until it changes to , , or , respectively, and drag to the desired size.

  • Click the Forward or Backward button, , to see all tabs in a particular workspace.

  • For tabs containing tables, sort a table by a particular column by clicking on the column heading.

  • Some tabs containing a table allow you to change the order of columns in the table. When this is possible, drag a column heading to the desired location in the table.


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