Presentation: Dual vs. Single Monitor

TrialDirector 360 Presentation is used to display the items in a case on any supported screen in professional and engaging ways.

Presentation options include:

  • Displaying several items on the screen at once

  • Playing back synchronized transcript and video

  • Preparing an item in Presentation Preview before displaying it on the main screen

  • Calling up items on demand for dynamic and adaptive presentations

TrialDirector 360 Presentation is a powerful and versatile tool that puts you in control of the courtroom.

Opening a case in Presentation provides access to display any items included in the case.

Dual vs Single Monitor

The way the presentation window displays depends on the display settings selected in EVIDENCE User Preferences. It is best to work with Presentation in dual monitor mode for all the options of working with case items to be available. However, it is also possible to use Presentation on a single monitor, though all the preview options before presenting items in a case will not be usable.

The user assistance articles below mostly cover how to use Presentation within a dual monitor display.


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