Duplicate Clips and Clip Segments

You can duplicate a clip or clip segment in the Clips Work Area, via the right-click context menu. This allows you to reproduce an exact copy of a clip or clip segment quickly and easily, without having to manually recreate them in the traditional way.

Review the steps below for instructions on how to complete this process.

  1. Open the Clips Explorer.

    If the explorer is hidden, you can use the Explorer dropdown in the main menu to view it.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To duplicate a clip, right-click the needed clip in the explorer. In the context menu that appears, select Duplicate Clip.

    • To duplicate a clip segment, expand the clip in which the segment appears, then locate and right-click the segment. In the context menu that appears, select Duplicate Clip Segment(s).

      Note: You can duplicate more than one clip segment at a time. Using CTRL-click, you can select multiple clip segment anchors. When all needed segments are selected, complete the step above.

  3. The duplicate clip and/or clip segment is created.

    • The duplicate clip is given the same name as the original clip, with a suffix (-01) applied at the end to differentiate the two. You can rename the new clip by right-clicking it and selecting Properties from the context menu. In the Clip Properties dialog that opens, enter the new name for the clip and click Save.

    • The duplicate clip segment is added beneath the original clip segment. To move the duplicate segment elsewhere in the list, click and hold the segment, then drag it to the preferred location in the list.


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