Add a Sub-Issue Type

In Case Manager, you can open a case and add can add sub-issue types to parent issue types in your case on the Issues tab.

To add a sub-issue type:

  1. Open Case Manager.

  2. Double-click on a case to open it.

  3. Click the Issues tab.

    The Issues table appears.

  4. Click on an issue.
  5. Click the Add Sub-Issue button.
  6. The Add Sub-Issue dialog appears.

  7. Enter the information for the sub-issue type in the dialog.

  8. Input the following information:

    • Name - The name of the sub-issue type (e.g. "Fact")

    • Short Cut - The short cut key for the sub-issue type (e.g. "F")

    • Tool Tip - A quick description that appears when the mouse hovers over the sub-issue type (e.g. "This is a fact")

    • Color - A color to help identify the sub-issue type

    • Parent - Identifies which issue type the sub-issue type will be part of

  9. Click the Save & Close button.

  10. The dialog closes, and the sub-issue type information is added to the case under the issue type.


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