Navigating in TrialDirector 360

The images in this section explain the main features of the TrialDirector 360 interface. To explore these features, open the sample case provided with the program.


Some common user interface concepts include:


  • Feature Sets - There are five key modules for the TrialDirector 360 application: Case Manager, EVIDENCE, PRESENT, SETTINGS, and UTILITIES. Feature sets are available in main navigation panel on the left side of the TrialDirector 360 application.

    • Case Manager: CASE MANAGER provides powerful management and administrative tools to any team’s collaboration efforts. Users can manage all case level functions and team members including: case creation, case archival, case access/rights and privileges, and case specific resources.
    • EVIDENCE: The EVIDENCE module is used to manage, prepare and organize case materials throughout the litigation process. Digital objects such as imaged documents, photos, transcripts and synchronized DVT transcripts can be annotated and organized into workbooks in preparation for use within the TrialDirector 360 PRESENT module.
    • PRESENT: PRESENT is used to display the items in a case on any supported screen in professional and engaging ways.
    • SETTINGS: The Settings area provides an interface for personalizing the look and function of TrialDirector 360. Anything can be customized from color schemes to aliases.
    • UTILITIES: Utilities are third party applications you can use to customize her TrialDirector 360 experience. They are applications you can link and open from within TrialDirector 360 without having to browse out and interrupt your workflow.
  • Start Pages - The Case Manager and EVIDENCE start pages provide you with quick access to your cases and user preferences for your TrialDirector 360 application configuration. The Utilities Start Page lists the utilities installed in your TrialDirector 360 application. Click on the module name, in the main navigation panel, to view the Start Page for the selected module.
  • Explorers - TrialDirector 360 EVIDENCE provides intuitive explorers for you to quickly navigate the hundreds of items associated with each of the cases you work with. Each explorer is unique and offers focused functionality for the items within it. These explorers also make it extremely easy to add and arrange items in the case via drag and drop. Explorers allow you to work with specific case items that require unique ways of accessing the associated data. They provide filtered and sorted views and allow extensive layout flexibility.
  • Work Areas - When you open a case item from an explorer, the item appears in the work area associated with the case item type. Documents open in the Document Work Area, playlists open in the Playlist Work Area, etc. Two ribbon bars appear above the document in the work area, a main bar and a secondary bar.
  • Right-click context menus - Each level within an explorer also contains its own set of right-click context menus for easy access to common actions.

For more information about the explorers and work areas, see the following sections.