Transfer Case Data from TrialDirector 6 to TrialDirector 360

To transfer case data from TrialDirector 6 to TrialDirector 360, complete the instructions below.

Transfer Documents via Load File Import

  1. Open a case in TrialDirector 6.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select Tools > Make Case Load Files.

  3. Select No when prompted to preserve Volume Label Information.

  4. Browse to the TrialDirector 6 case in the load files folder.

    Example: C:\TrialDirector\Jones v Smith\Jones v Smith Database\LoadFiles

    Note: The load files folder is located where the TrialDirector 6 case is located.

  5. Launch TrialDirector 360.

  6. Create a case in TrialDirector 360.

  7. Launch your case in the EVIDENCE module.

  8. Select the Documents Explorer.

  9. Select the Import button for load file import.

  10. Browse to load file .OLL previously exported from TrialDirector 6 and complete import process.

    • To transfer documents from TrialDirector 6 to TrialDirector 360, users must use the .OLL load file from the exported load files folder.

    • Item properties may need to be limited in character length.

    Note: The .OLL file will import images and all associated properties over except Common Name. An .LFP file will only import images into TrialDirector 360.

  11. Confirm all documents are loaded in the TrialDirector 360 database.

Transfer Multimedia

It is best practice to import all raw (audio/video) media files and if applicable, re-create all sub clips from the original parent file. This will eliminate the video time frames being displayed incorrectly in the EVIDENCE module and the Presentation screen.

If any edits have been made to the Multimedia files (child clips), recreate the clips and include video time frames so that parent/child relationships and time frames are maintained.

  1. Select the Multimedia Explorer.

  2. Select Add Item icon.

  3. Browse to the location of the media files you want to import and select Open.

  4. Confirm all media files have been added.

    Note: Media will not be imported in the TrialDirector 360 application via the document load file import (.OLL) process. Media files must be re-imported manually.

Transfer Depositions

  1. Import .TXT / DVT (.CMS/.MDB /.DVT) files in the Transcripts Explorer.

  2. In TrialDirector 6, go to the Transcript Manager Component > View by Dropdown > Clips (Grouped)

  3. Click on the Clips dropdown > Export Clip Creation Script (*.ccs).

  4. Select Next in the Export Clip Creation Script (*.ccs) dialog box.

  5. Select the export location for the files you want to export and select Next.

  6. Select Export.

  7. In TrialDirector 360, select Import Clips from CCS file button in the Clips Explorer.

  8. Browse to the location of the .CCS file exported from TrialDirector 6 and select Save.

    1. Confirm all DVT/TXT clips have been recreated in TrialDirector 360.

    Note: If clips in TrialDirector 6 have already been split, it is not necessary to split the clips again when importing into TrialDirector 360.