TrialDirector 360 Release Notes 2021.6.8

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2021.6.8 release of TrialDirector 360. For instructions about how to upgrade to the latest version, see Workflow: Update TrialDirector 360.

Important Notes

  • This release will upgrade previous versions of ][ TrialDirector 360.

New Features

Presentation/Evidence Features

  • Ability to Uncheck Explorer Windows: Users can now select and deselect explorer windows in addition to being able to close the window.

  • Exhibit Label Creation in Evidence: Users will now be able to create/edit exhibit labels from the Annotations dialog box in Evidence versus having to create/edit in Case Manager.

  • Locate Item in Case from Workbook: Users will now be able to select an item in a workbook, that is, document, clip, and so on, through right clicking and choosing to locate items in the case.

  • View Clip Segment Ordinal #: The ordinal number for each segment in a clip will determine what order a clip segment is displayed within a clip. This feature adds parity with version 6.8.

  • Admitted Item Properties: Users will now be able to apply properties to admitted items.

  • Open Clip from Segment: Users can open a clip into the clip editor by double-clicking the segment name within the clip’s explorer.

  • Display True Clip Time: Use of a setting will have the playback timer display the true clip time from the parent/source media file.

  • Evidence Hot Key for Annotations: Control + E added to toggle Annotation Edit mode on as well as a preference for Hot Keys defaulting to the Control + E.

  • Designation Properties Visible/Available for Clip: Users will now be able to view designations in clip reports and clip details.

  • Visible Document/Page Count: Added a visual indication of the number of documents and pages for a case in the Evidence Documents Explorer.

  • Natural Sort Order Display: Documents will now display in natural sort order in Evidence.

  • Presentation Layout at Clip Level: Added the ability to define layouts at the clip level for individual clips.

  • Designation Information in Clip Detailed Report: Added option to include designation information in the Case Clip Detailed Report.

  • Designation Information in Case Clip Summary Report: Added option to include designation information in the Case Clip Summary Report.

  • Designation Information in Clip Report: Added option to include designation information in the Clip Report.

  • Assign Designation Properties to Clips: Ability to assign designation properties to a clip.

ClosedResolved Issues

  • DESK-7202: Users will now be able to import word file transcripts that have less than three pages.

  • DESK-7213: Improved handling of redactions to avoid application restart or error.

  • DESK-7943: Improved handling of redactions when highlight and redactions were applied to the same location.

  • DESK-7214: Updated transcript to apply removal of redactions.

  • DESK-7215: Users should now be able to edit a transcript in Evidence without having to close and re-open the transcript.

  • DESK-7324: Transcript media files with long file names failed to get added to the database. Updates made to the max length of the volume name are now increased to 125 characters to match file name length.

  • DESK-7273: Documents that are sent to Fact Management/Presentation from Review can now be printed or sent to PDF via Evidence/Fact Management modules.

  • DESK-6247: When search results are displayed, the user will be able to double click on an item to open in the work area.

  • DESK-6282: The last modified will now be created based on revision instead of using the parent properties.

  • DESK-7358: Improvements to the removal of a revision from large page count documents.

  • DESK-2475: Removal of cancel option during create case processing screen.

  • DESK-7206: Inserting a page and then choosing to re-sequence was not updating the page value in parenthesis. Updates made to correctly update the value in parenthesis.