TrialDirector 360 Release Notes 2020.5.0

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2020.5.0 release of TrialDirector 360. This release includes all-new alias management functionality, as well as updates to the user interface.

Important Notes

  • This release will upgrade previous versions of TrialDirector 360.

TrialDirector 360 Features

The following sections describe the new features and enhancements in TrialDirector 360 2020.5.0.

  • Linked Exhibit Option: A workflow improvement. This adds ease of use functionality and will be a time-saving option for users. Addition of a linked exhibit option in the right-click context Transcript Explorer menu. When the option is clicked, the “Link to existing document” dialog will display.

  • Alias Selection: Adds ease of use and time-saving options that let users select an alias in the link to existing documents. This enables document links to multiple references within a transcript.

  • Selection of Alias References: Enhanced productivity for selecting/deselecting all references to an alias, en masse, so that users do not have to individually check/uncheck multiple instances of an alias.

  • Enable Multi-Select for Transcript Anchors: Enabled multi-select of exhibit anchors within the Transcript Explorer so that users can remove multiple exhibit links at one time.

  • Export of Alias Group Settings: Option to export the alias groups created to a CSV file and share them with colleagues who are on different workstations. The alias group is then the same as their colleagues, which will make it easier to share information and collaborate.

  • Presentation Feature Tab Removal: Now that Presentation is accessed through Evidence, the feature tab on the left navigation pane is no longer required. The Presentation tab has been removed.

  • Alias Search for Exact Phrase: When identifying alias in Evidence, the alias search now allows for exact phrase searching and does not include words in which the alias is a root set of characters.

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