TrialDirector 360 Release Notes 2019.1.1

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2019.1.1 release of TrialDirector 360 . This release includes enhancements to the User Interface, Exhibit Label Designer, and Document Import process.

  • This release contains a database schema change, as a result, case backup functionality will be limited to cases created after the 2019.1.1 update.


  • Data Sync – Desktop to Desktop – Allows multiple users within the same network to share cases and changes made to case elements with each other.
  • Import/Export Case – Allows users to export a case to a secondary/backup computer and import for use in trial.
  • Exhibit Label Designer Enhancements – Added additional colors and ability to add case number as field.
  • Batch Clear Exhibit Labels – Ability to clear exhibit labels from multiple documents/pages at a time.
  • Document Naming Enhancements – Updated document naming logic
  • Document Import Performance Improvements – Improved speed at which documents are added to a case, to allow for quicker access after import.
  • Document Re-Sequencer Enhancements – Workflow improvements to the document re-sequencer tool.
  • Drag & Drop support for load files – Load files can now be imported by dragging and dropping the load file into documents explorer.
  • Split Clip on Redaction – Clip creation process will prompt to split clip if selected transcript text contains a redaction.
  • XMEF Transcript Support – XMEF transcript format is now supported.
  • Drag & Drop segments between different clips – When editing clips with multiple segments, segments can be rearranged by drag and drop process.
  • Word Level Designations – Designations can now be applied at the word level