Saving Cases

If you use Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online or Office 365, you must create an Exchange Service Account before deploying NetGovern Archive. You must know the UPN and Exchange alias for this account, and ensure that this account, and the archive servers are in an organizational unit (OU) which will exempt them from GPOs and password policy changes.

In NetGovern Search, you can save cases manually or automatically. The default is the manual method which is useful if you do not want to save all searches on a particular case, or if you want to be selective about the searches you save for the case member or reviewer. When you save manually, all search criteria, tags, and preferences are saved with your case.

You can also save cases automatically to ensure that all search criteria are saved on a continual basis.

When using Auto-Save, case parameters are not saved when editing a case—see Editing Cases for saving case parameters. Auto-Save also saves your preferences.
If you are not using Auto-Save, you can save manually or by logging out, but not by closing the browser.

You can also save automatically by enabling Auto-Save—see Using Auto-Save.