IPRO Live EDA Case

In IPRO Enterprise, you can create a Live EDA (Early Data Assessment) case to search, review, tag, and promote live content across multiple and various data locations. This is made possible through configuration with NetGovern services, connecting to and indexing external data sources. This data then becomes available in an IPRO Enterprise Live EDA case.

IPRO Live EDA cases are created in IPRO Enterprise, not NetGovern eDiscovery. Live EDA cases are not NetGovern eDiscovery cases.

Upon creating the Live EDA case, Enterprise users can search the live data in-place, from the Live EDA Search interface. A Live EDA Search leverages the accurate and advanced search tools, review options, and tagging capabilities of a NetGovern Search. Precise searches can be performed to single out specific information. The smaller data set with only relevant search results can then be promoted to an interconnected IPRO Enterprise Review case.

To create a Live EDA case in IPRO Enterprise, you must configure the integration of Enterprise and NetGovern services in both Enterprise and the NetGovern Administration UI—see Configure Live EDA. To make the live content available in the Live EDA case, the relevant connectors and required Index and Archive locations and jobs must be configured in the NetGovern Admin UI—see Configuring Connectors . You must also ensure that User Mapping has been performed—see User Mapping. Once all configuration steps have been completed, live data locations and can be indexed by NetGovern, and made available in the Enterprise Live EDA case. The scope of the Live EDA case is set by selecting the desired locations and custodians.

When the Live EDA case is created in Enterprise, a corresponding case is created in NetGovern eDiscovery. Case status is synchronized; deleting a Live EDA case in Enterprise will delete the Live EDA Case in NetGovern eDiscovery.

To learn more about IPRO Enterprise Live EDA cases—see Overview: Live EDA.