Configure Trusted IP Addresses

Administrators have the ability to whitelist specific IP addresses in Enterprise. Users with whitelisted IPs are granted an unlimited number of login attempts, without being locked out from their account if they input the wrong credentials a set number of times.

Typically, if a user attempts to log in to Enterprise with invalid credentials, that user has 5 attempts to successfully log in before the system locks them out for 5 minutes. However, to bypass this added security measure, Enterprise provides the option for administrators to configure trusted IP addresses in the System Manager. A user whose IP address has been whitelisted in this way has unlimited attempts to sign in without the risk of their account being locked out.

Multiple users/computers may be under the same IP address. When that IP is whitelisted to prevent lockouts from repeated login attempts, this functionality extends to all users/computers under that IP.

Follow the instructions below to configure trusted IP addresses:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen. The Settings icon is a global button that displays in every module of the Enterprise platform.
  2. The System Manager opens. In the left pane of the System Manager, click Security Settings.

  1. Scroll down to the Trusted IP Addresses section.

  2. In the Trusted IP Addresses box, input each IP address that you would like whitelisted.

    Note: IP addresses must be in proper IPv4 or CIDR format and must be separated by a new line.

  3. Once you have input the valid IP addresses, click Save.


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