Manage Copy Stations

Copy stations are the devices in your network from which incoming media will be copied, such as computer and server hard drives (internal and external). A copy station is selected during media processing.

The copy station may or may not be the device on which data is stored. For example, you may insert a USB drive into your laptop (the copy station), and data will be copied directly from the USB drive to a network server or location based on your project setting.


Ensure that the following issues are addressed before defining copy stations:

  • Specific Microsoft Windows security settings are required for each copy station. Ensure that the copy stations being added were previously configured.

  • Consider a description (naming) convention to make it easy for Media Manager users to identify needed copy stations when creating deliveries.

  • For each copy station to be added, identify the computer (Windows machine) name and the computer’s IP address.

Use the following procedures to configure copy stations: